RUFTUF with its slogan “Tough at Rough” aims to provide products that are tough enough to protect users when their working environment is rough.

“The most important resource for a business organisation is its human resource” It is therefore important to equip the workforce with safety wear that is adequate for the work environment they operate. Partnering with an organisation such as RUFTUF and getting correct advice and timely supply is vital. We supply well-known branded products that are tested to the appropriate safety standards of Europe and America. We carefully select suppliers and manufacturers who are proactive and share our common goal of creating secure working environments in all industries.

“Safety & Hygiene should not cost an arm and a leg”  We understand that the expense of safety work wear is sometimes an unwelcome overhead. Our experience suggests that business owners would like to reduce costs as much as possible without compromising on the working conditions.  By choosing RUFTUF as your partner this is possible. Our products are heavily discounted as there are no channels of distribution involved.

“Experience and continuous innovation is a key to success” Our team consists of professionals who cumulatively have more than 50 years of experience in innovating, manufacturing, distributing and recommending personal safety products to various industries within Europe, America and the Middle East.